Kade King – NSW Department of Education School-Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year Award

16th Annual Nanga Mai Awards 2021.

Kade is an inspiring future leader of our community. He is currently completing Year 12 at Vincentia High School and as part of his student pathway plan he studied a Certificate II in Animal Studies and holds a traineeship with a local farmer. At the end of Year 9, Kade identified he would like a career in the animal industry and worked out a plan to make it happen. First, he sought some work experience with Steve & Susan Nicholas from Nicolstoke Salers Nowra. Kade worked with Steve one morning a week and then attended TAFE in the afternoon to complete the requirements of his animals studies course. He has now finished his studies at TAFE and holds a Certificate II in Animal Studies.

Kade has also recently been awarded an excellence award for vocational education and training. Due to his success in the 2020 South Coast Beef School Steer Spectacular, Kade was asked to take on a leadership role with students from the agricultural course at Ulladulla High School. This role involves being a mentor to the students on all things related to raising steers for show, providing support and advice and meeting with them regularly in order to provide practical assessment of their progress. Kade is also currently a leader at Clontarf Aboriginal Unit, which involves being a positive role model for other students and attending different extracurricular activities.

Kade participated in the Storylines SBATs program 2020-2022.

Story contributed by Melinda Brown from the Burraga Foundation. Published in 2022.