Kade King – Storylines SBAT Animal Studies

Kade King: Storylines School Based Apprentice Traineeship – Animal Studies.

Introducing Myself

  • I am a Year 12 student at Vincentia High School
  • In Year 10 I started a School Based Apprenticeship Traineeship
  • Work at Nicolstoke farm 2 days a week
  • Studied a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies with TAFE NSW
  • In the future I am planning to study at Charles Sturt University to gain a Masters of Veterinary Science specialising in cattle

My Story So Far

How I started my Storylines SBAT:

  • I was disengaged at school and by being at the farm every Thursday, it broke up my school week and gave me a practical outlet
  • I was already working in the cattle industry at Nicolstoke farm as a volunteer
  • I enjoyed the work and I got paid for learning

What my Storylines SBAT Involved

  • Working at Nicolstoke farm 2 days a week
  •  Going to TAFE once a week
  •  Continuing my studies at High School

Benefits of my Storylines SBAT

  • Enables me to make a connection between what I am learning on the farm and link it back to the classroom (eg. biology and cattle gut health)
  • Helped me engage more in my school studies
  • Opportunity to gain a TAFE qualification as well as Year 12 certificate and an ATAR
  • Gain real world experience working in the cattle industry
  • Opportunity to network and develop connections within the cattle industry ( Stuart Glover – Lecturer of Veterinary Science at Sydney Uni at Canberra Royal)

Day in the Life at Nicolstoke Farm

  • Part of the team in managing the day-to-day operation of the farm
  • Management and feeding of the animals
  • Artificial Insemination program for genetic diversity
  • Project-based work, eg. Feedlotting steers
  • Developing an array of skills, eg. Tractor driving and maintenance, construction of a metal roof and solar lighting over the crush, operation and use of various tools

Leadership Development Skills

  • Due to my success in the 2020 South Coast Beef School Steer Spectacular I was asked to provide a leadership/mentoring role for students from the Agricultural course at Ulladulla High School
  • Representative of the South Coast Beef Producers Association at Shows and events
  • Worked with the Australian Parents Council to produce a video aimed at parents to highlight the opportunities that VET offers students
  • it out!!!

Story contributed by Melinda Brown from the Burraga Foundation. Published in 2022.